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Ceilidhs (or Barndances) are great fun, they should both make a profit AND bring together members of your club/society in an enjoyable and memorable social format.

How to do it? See the notes that follow. We will happily give advice and provide a band to fit your budget.

Open to Everyone!

(see Inclusion below)

The venue needs a good hard floor and one 13-amp plug socket, school & village halls are ideal.

Questions to Ask:

*We are not able to supervise children not accompanied by parents.


Any successful event needs good publicity:


Jam and Crumpet Band welcomes enquiries from all school, social, sports, religious and other community organisations regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability. Give us a bit of notice of any unusual circumstances and we will work something out.

In particular:

  1. You don't need to have done it before.
  2. As long as some of the dancers understand the calls (forward, back, left right) English as a first language is not needed. We have played successfully to foreign students, exchange visits etc.
  3. This is dancing for couples, which can be same gender couples.
  4. We have played for specialist schools and colleges including students with various challenges and abilities. A mix of students and parents/carers works well. We have seen at least one sporty wheelchair user having a lot of fun.

Band Costs

Price can often be adjusted within reason to meet your budget

Just Ask....