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Jam and Crumpet band members enjoy the challenge of adapting to different types of event (weddings, birthdays, fund-raisers, corporate events etc), and can offer valuable advice to any potential customer based on many years of catering for such celebrations.

TedTed Crum: Melodeon & Harmonica

Ted began playing folk dance music back in the sixties, and has developed an enviable eceilidh reputation over the following decades. Following his years with the Somerville Gents, he played with Peeping Tom before leaving in 1992 to team up with Andrew and Bill Pound to form Steamchicken. He has played for many other bands as a dep, and has done a great deal of recording work.

AndrewAndrew Sharpe: Piano

Andrew needs no introduction to eceilidh dancers because over the past nine years he has become the Mr. Rhythm of Steamchicken, and now the J&C Band. His left-hand bass/right-hand syncopated piano voice style provides the solid basis from which dancers and lead musicians can launch their efforts. A product of Coventry Mummers and Chinewrde Morris musicians, he is also adept on the piano accordion, but being a gentleman, he chooses not to play it in public.

Sue Sue Crum: Drums

Sue is better known as a dancer with Chinewrde Morris, but she first began playing folk music at school, and has now become our ace drummer following her spectacular conversion from guitar to kit. She and Andrew provide the rock-steady base on which Ted and Mandy weave their melodies.
She makes great scones too!

MandyMandy Sutton: Tenor Saxophone

Mandy is another star product from the Chinewrde music college, starting as a dancer but moving to music when she discovered the tenor sax. Over the past eight years, she has continuously developed her uniquely English style, and her playing is the mainstay of Steamchicken’s horn section. Mandy has taken to the jazzy side with relish, and her version of the slip-jig T’Auld Wife could have drifted straight out of Ronnie Scott’s doorway into a misty Soho nightscape.

picture of Tom Tilley We work with a number of callers but our regular conspirator is Tom Tilley.

Tom has been calling great dances since 1987, and has worked with many of the top bands. His skill with ceilidh newcomers is well-known, but he has also called ceilidhs at major festivals, including Cambridge, Warwick and Kendal. To quote the man himself,

“My particular forte, I think, is seen to be in helping new & novice dancers experience & enjoy Country Dance”.

He says nice things about us too:

"They are THE ceilidh/barn-dance band for everything from festivals to family gatherings, school, church & village hall socials. When you need bopping good music to dance to, Jam and Crumpet should be your choice."