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The Jam and Crumpet Band

Based around two couples, Ted and Sue Crum, and Andrew Sharpe (me) and Mandy Sutton, all longstanding friends and collaborators, we were active for ten years on the club and festival circuit until we lost Ted in 2020.

Last gig was the Ruff Ceilidh in November 2019, a welcome return to a hometown gig for Sue, with Fee Lock, one of our favourite callers, in sparkling form. It was a belter, Ted had side-stepped the embuggerance that had curtailed his melodeon work, and the harmonica driven set worked brilliantly. Fee filled the floor with dancers, who snaffled copious qualities of After Eights and Turkish Delights between dances. Thanks to Mic, Fee and everyone in Cardiff who made our last performance such a memorable one.

Ted was taken early in the first wave. Much missed. Never forgotten.

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